Furnace Replacement

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How Do You Know It’s Time to Replace Your Furnace?

You know when your furnace goes kaput. But sometimes it keeps puttering along, not at optimum performance, but not totally broken. So when should you replace your furnace? To answer that, start by thinking about these three questions.

  • How old is your furnace?If your furnace is 15 or more years old, replacing it with a new model will likely increase your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. Carrier is continually advancing technologies and improving controls and operations to make their furnaces better—which means that a brand new furnace maybe more efficient and better performing than those installed even 10 years ago.
  • How high are your energy bills?Have your heating bills spiked recently? Are they much higher than they were this same time last year? Older furnaces can lose efficiency as they age.
  • How comfortable is your home?If you have to continually turn up your thermostat to get warm, you should have your furnace looked at. It may need a repair or a replacement furnace. Your R.A. Heating & Air Conditioning certified technician can help you make that decision.

Benefits of Replacing Your Furnace with a New Model

In addition to saving you money on your energy bills, replacing your old furnace with a brand new system can have several other benefits.

  • Less pollution.New furnaces use less fuel and use it more efficiently. When you compare the AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) of your current furnace and a brand new one, you’ll be amazed at how efficient the new models are. The higher the AFUE, the higher percentage of fuel is converted to heat, resulting in lower energy bills and less fuel waste.
  • Increased comfort.With advancements in technology and production, today’s furnaces produce heat far more evenly and steadily than those of the past. Those cold spots you avoid in your home can become cozy again!
  • Opportunity to resize.Often, a home’s furnace is too large or too small for the home it’s installed in. A furnace that’s too large will cycle on and off too often, causing undue wear and tear on the system. A furnace that’s too small won’t be able to heat your home effectively. So when you have a new furnace installed, you can get a unit that is exactly the right size to heat your home perfectly.

Install a Programmable Thermostat for Maximum Efficiency

When it comes time to replace your furnace, install a programmable thermostat along with it to maximize your energy efficiency and comfort control. Some of today’s digital thermostats can be programmed remotely, allowing you to lower the heat when no one’s home, keep an even temperature when needed, and get your home warmed up for when you wake up in the morning or return home at the end of the day.

Furnace Replacement in Madison WI, Janesville WI and the Surrounding Areas of Southern WI

When you call R.A. Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ll give you an honest, dependable inspection of your furnace by a certified technician who will assess your situation and needs giving you a fair firm quote only if replacement is needed and/or requested. There is no high pressure sales pitch here and no one is paid bonus commissions to sell you something you do not need. We pride ourselves on honesty and offer both electric and gas furnace service and can help you determine which option is right for your Madison WI area home!

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