Getting Your Home Ready for Winter

Keeping your home warm in the cold weather is one of the most important things you can do for you and your family. If you have small children or elderly residents, the most vital part of our environment is a warm, cozy home with temperatures conducive to daily living. If you know the average costs of your energy bill throughout the year, you can estimate how much of that is expended during the colder months. By taking a few steps and making some changes to daily habits, you will be able to see a reduction in your energy bill that pays off throughout the year. Below are some tips to keep you saving on your energy bill and maintaining a warm home in the cold winter months.

Make sure your home is insulated
Having a home that is properly insulated will go a long way towards keeping the heat inside where it belongs. Reports have noted that US homes require at least 12 inches of insulation in the attic of their homes in order to keep the interiors warm. If your attic is lacking in this department then this is the first thing you will need to consider. Having a professional HVAC company that can install the insulation you need is the first step to take in keeping your home warm when the temperature outside gets too cold.

Don’t block radiators
During the cold months it is essential to keep radiators free and clear and not to place heavy objects and furniture in front of them. This impedes the flow of heat from the radiators into the surroundings and restricts its ability to properly heat the room. Try to reposition furniture so that it leaves enough room for sufficient airflow without blocking the radiator unnecessarily.

Reverse the ceiling fan
By placing the ceiling fan into reverse, it is possible to push warm air down so that is stays at a low enough level for you and your family to feel it. This is one of the most effective tips to keep in mind as the weather turns cold. Although the idea of having a ceiling fan on during the cold weather may seem unappealing, as long as you have the heat going, you will actually feel the warmth in the home begin to increase. This will save you from having to turn up the heat in the home if you or a family member is feeling cold.

Eliminate drafts in your home
Drafts are one of the main causes for unnecessary energy expenditures. You can eliminate drafts by insulating doors and windows, purchasing thermal window panels, and plugging up any holes or cracks where drafts can enter. You local heating company can provide you with many different tips about how to lower the heating bill by eliminating drafts in your home.

Leave the heat on for one hour a day while you are away
By setting your HVAC system to have the heat on for at least one hour out of the day while you are out of the home, the chill will be reduced when you finally return home.

By following these tips and guidelines, you can see a great reduction in your heating bill and you can keep your home as warm as possible. Find out more information by browsing our website.

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