Radiant Floor Heating: A Smart Choice in Madison, WI and Surrounding Areas

radiantRadiant floor heating works via a hydronic system. A boiler heats the water and transports it through a series of pumps, valves, tanks, and control systems until it reaches your floor. This is a sophisticated plumbing system with water pipes underneath your floor. Typically, a professional should service hydronic systems annually.

Benefits of This System for Madison, WI and Janesville, WI Residents:100_2255

  • Efficient Heating Zones: Radiant floor heating offers warmth when and where you need it, rather than wasting it at the ceiling.
  • Silent Operation: The systems are virtually silent, because they don’t use blowers, furnaces or motors. That means you’ll enjoy warmth that’s felt but not heard.
  • Invisible: It’s installed beneath the floor, so you can enjoy consistent comfort without dealing with design concerns or uncomfortable hot and cold spots in a room.
  • Clean and Healthy. Unlike systems that use forced air, radiant floor heating does not circulate airborne contaminants around the home.
  • Installation: The installation process is compatible with both new construction projects and homes that are being remodeled.

This Heating Method Has Stood the Test of Time

Many people think this type of home heating is a new invention. Although it has been improved through the years, the Romans first used the method more than 2,000 years ago, followed shortly thereafter by the Koreans.

Versatile and Safe Heat for Janesville, WI and Madison, WI Homeowners

Although this system is most commonly used in rooms with tile or natural stone floors, it can be used in conjunction with almost all floor types, including wood, carpet, and linoleum.

Each of our systems has also been UL and/or CSA listed, so it’s approved for use throughout North America. Millions of floor warming systems have been installed throughout the United States for decades, and they could help you stay warm, too.