Alternative Heating Options for Your Home

carrierHomeowners have many choices when it comes to alternative heating options. With more homeowners wanting energy efficiency, and homes becoming larger in size, more people want efficient heating that doesn’t cost too much. RA Heating & Cooling can help you choose the right heating method for your home and heating needs. With the winters in Janesville, WI reaching freezing temperatures much of the time, you want a heating system that will get you through the coldest temperatures of winter.

Floor Heating Options

A hydronic heating system works to heat water and run it through pipes under your floor. This eliminates the circulation of air and debris within your home, making it a perfect option for people who suffer from allergies or asthma. It’s quiet and works for all floor types, although most people use it with tile or stone flooring. RA Heating & Cooling has technicians who can help maintain or repair your floor heating system, so don’t worry that installing this system will leave you stranded for help in the event of a repair emergency.

Geothermal Systems

Homeowners in Madison, WI and Evansville, WI will benefit from a geothermal system that relies on the ground’s heat source to heat their homes. This alternative heating option is budget friendly and is quickly becoming a popular heat method for many people. These systems also help control humidity and can be installed in new construction or in homes going through a renovation.

Heatmor Systems

This system is the most environmentally friendly, using corn or used oil to heat water that’s pumped into your home. The water then goes into a furnace or boiler to spread heat throughout your home. This furnace option for heat can help you with tax credits and save you money on your energy bills. Call RA Heating & Cooling today to find out more about out alternative heating options.