Testimonials – Reviews

Connie, Ryan and John,

“Just wanted to drop you a note regarding the job you did for my neighbor recently. She is 92 years old, and her husband is in a care facility and in poor health, so she asked for my recommendation for someone to replace her furnace and add A/C. I met John at her house and he gave a quote, which she accepted. You did the work recently while I was on vacation. She was a little nervous about it being done while I was away, but I assured her it
would be OK.

She is very happy with the work you did, as am I, but there is a side story you may not be aware of. While working on the install, your guys came across a couple of items that were tucked up in the floor joists. They had been hidden there, no doubt by her husband, and she had no idea they were there. There was a box with some papers in it, two new wristwatches and a bag with cash in it. She did not tell me how much was there, but that is unimportant. What IS important is that your employees, fully aware that she had no clue what they had found, took the items to her, and explained where they had found them. 

You should be proud of the integrity of your employees, and also see it as a reflection of the integrity of your company. On my behalf, and hers, please make sure that their action does not go unrecognized.
Thanks again”

Jim Roloff
Satisfied Heating and Air Conditioner Customer

Connie –

“John with quote and Jerome and Nick did the install.  The time between quote and install was less than a week. What great employees you have. My wife and I are very pleased with the time involved and the result of your efforts. I cannot thank you enough for the professional manor your employees deliver and perform. The installers worked in the rain on the second day as if it was nothing. Love the result. Love the product – great air conditioning system.”

Marty Singletary

Satisfied Air Conditioner Customer

“Thank you for a great service at Trout Springs Winery. Mark and Kyle were professional, courteous, and informative with their installation of the AeroSeal product. We had loss of duct air of about 450 cfm, which amounted to about a ton of heating, and they cut it down to about 9 cfm. We were amazed to see the difference in air flow once the job was complete. Again, thank you for your great service!”

Steve J. De Baker – Trout Springs Winery
Aeroseal Satisfied Customer

“Last friday 2 of your professionals installed a high efficiency Carrier furnace at my house, sorry as i don’t recall their names. They were here at 8:30 am and done by 2pm. Just wanted to say thanks for a great job and we are very happy with their work. They were both very professional and very nice and answered any questions i had. The installation looks awesome and they cleaned everything up nicely before they left. We look forward to this furnace saving us a little money as well as the comfort. Please thank these men again for the great job they did and i will be recommending your company for anyone looking for a new furnace.
Thanks again,”

Randy Vale (Milton WI)
Satisfied Heating and New Furnace Customer

“Connie- I wanted to quick share our experience with R. A. Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. because it was extraordinary. From the customer service, to the billing and then the follow-up, I am in awe that a company with your integrity still exists! We recently had comfort challenges with our very old (renovated) farm house. Mark, your technician came out and discussed Aeroseal with us and did a complete evaluation on our house and where we were losing heat and where we could save money! We couldn’t be happier with the results. Less propane used, less dust in the house, more comfortable in every room without cold and hot spots, and our house actually smells better– no more basement old farmhouse smell. Thank you R. A. for making our house a comfortable home!”

Cassandra Strommen
Aeroseal Satisfied Customer

“I had great pleasure working with RA Heating and Cooling this past month.  I contacted RA Heating to do a routine HVAC cleaning on my furnace since I had just purchased the home.  RA Heating was able to give me a great deal first of all through there multiple saving options.  Upon the technicians review of our furnace he found out that it had some major issues.  They took the initiative to make myself and my wife aware of the dangers of our current HVAC unit and that we could possibly be without heat shortly.  Not only did they give us multiple options of what we could do but they helped us find out that we were partially covered under our home warranty.  Vice President, Ryan Arndt promptly contacted our insurance and took care of all the necessary paperwork for us in order to get the furnace replaced and I could not thank him enough for that!  The day before our new furnace got installed our old and damaged furnace bit the dust, RA Heating definitely made the right recommendation.I could not thank them enough for being on top of everything and catching the issues early on before I was left without heat in the middle of winter.  I would greatly recommend RA Heating and Cooling  to anyone looking for, in my opinion, “The Best” in HVAC contractors!”

Ryan Collett (Milton WI)
Satisfied Heating and New Furnace Customer

“I am very pleased with your company on many levels.  First of all, I spoke with, I think, two different woman on multiple occasions where I voiced my concern with our furnace and on all occasions they were very kind and helpful.  That was my first impression.  When it came to performing the actual work, your technicians were outstanding, I didn’t even know they were there.  You were able to find that my furnace was under warranty and just out of kindness, your technician ( I think Mike P?) replaced the burners that were rusty at no additional cost. 

You really know how to run a business.  Keep up the good work.”

Jeremy Lang (Madison WI)
Satisfied Heating and New Furnace Customer

“I had R.A. Heating install a new furnace and air conditioning system in my home last Summer. The attention to detail was exceptional and the techs who installed the component were very knowledgeable and very skilled. We were adding a 700 sq. foot addition to our ranch style home, so the challenges were above the normal problems with a new furnace install. R.A.’s led tech, Jason, really listened to what I needed and performed like a real star. Recently I had the opportunity to refer a friend to a furnace company and I immediately told him, these are your guys. From Ryan the sales guy to the installers and technicians, everyone is top notch. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Brian Davis
Satisfied HeatingNew Furnace and Air Conditioning Customer

“I’ve had R A at my home 2 different times. Both times they came promptly. They were professional, courteous, and didnt over charge me. First time they came was during a heat wave and second time was a right after the holidays. They came when they said they would, and had the parts. I have no complaints. I would suggest these guys to anyone.”

Jeanne Rocke
Satisfied Heating and Cooling Customer

“My new go to for any heating or air conditioning! Wonderful, kind technicians that really know their stuff and want to help. Everyone is super friendly and accommodating. I have already recommended this company to my family and friends. It’s fantastic!”

Abby Larson
Satisfied Heating and Cooling Customer


“We had some trouble over the winter with our furnace and they tried to help over the phone as it was a Friday night and freezing. When the tech was at the house he took the time to explain how the system worked and why our problem was happening and even how to fix it ourselves in the future if we wished (this was a minor problem). Super responsive and helpful. They have earned our business for years to come for sure.”

R. Cannistrao
Satisfied Furnace Repair Customer


“Replaced furnace and a/c with new carrier models, vented our dryer, replaced the exhaust vent cap for our water heater. 

From the pricing to the install, this was an easy, honest, and up-front process. Guys were supposed to be here by 8:30, and showed up very promptly. They installed everything we agreed upon, less the chimney liner, which thankfully wasn’t needed. I appreciated Ryan showing up and working through some of the challenges of an older house, as well as his being very forthcoming about what would serve our house well without emptying our bank account. He took ownership of the assessment like he was doing so for his own house–and that’s exactly what you want from a service professional. 

We went from a furnace that was probably running at 60% efficiency to a Carrier that is better than 90%, so we couldn’t be happier with the performance so far.

His crew were quick, courteous and professional. They left the basement cleaner than they found it. I still will need to tune the A/C in the spring, as it’s too cold to do so now (in southern Wisconsin), but I’m sure that will go without a hitch. 

I appreciate RA Heating, and will choose to continue to service the units they put in today through them.”

Angie’s List Reviews
Satisfied Heating and Air Conditioning Customer


“Very good work done through our UHP home warranty. Good attitude, came out in the bitter cold and snow, had issues with their vehicle and had someone come and pick them up in order to finish the work. The work was done the same day as the request. Very impressed. FYI, the person complaining about the “travel fee”, should people work for free then? You won’t get a well qualified technician of any kind to come to your house for free.”

Carl F
Satisfied Customer


“Great professional service. Our AC went out on Sunday, received a quote on Monday, repair done on Tuesday. Keith was fantastic. I was not home when he finished and he closed all the windows and programmed the AC so I arrived home to a beautiful cool house. Very flexible with the billing, excellent customer service. Highly recommend!”

Google Reviews
Satisfied Air Conditioner Repair Customer


“I have had RA Heating and air conditioning service furnace and AC in two different properties that we have owned.  I have nothing but good things to say.  The service people are very knowledgeable and want to teach you about your home.  

In our old home we had carrier zoned heating and cooling.  The programmable thermometer was difficult at best to understand.  I had two other companies out first that said they were carrier certified.  They couldn’t figure the system out.  RA came out and the service man had my same unit in his house!  Jackpot!

We just had the furnace and AC cleaned and prepped for the year in our new home.  We are having them out to do an energy audit and a repair soon.”

Sally S. (Stoughton WI)
Satisfied Heating and Cooling Customer


“We had some trouble over the winter with our furnace and they tried to help over the phone as it was a Friday night and freezing. When the tech was at the house he took the time to explain how the system worked and why our problem was happening and even how to fix it ourselves in the future if we wished (this was a minor problem). Super responsive and helpful. They have earned our business for years to come for sure.”

Rachel C. (Madison WI)
Satisfied Heating and Furnace Repair Customer


“I have had RA Heating and Air Conditioning work on both my commercial properties and my home. We recently had our AC unit break down and thought I would get a couple of estimates. To keep it short, the first company said $1300 and RA said about $600. Well, RA came out quickly and did the job with a total of $572. They also provide great customer service. I will call RA Heating & Air Conditioning first from now on to do all my HVAC work.”

Mark Brunsell
Satisfied Air Conditioner Repair Customer


“R. A. did a great job. They responded when I needed them to.  I had called in because it was an emergency, and they had a guy there after hours. He came in and did his thing, and I had heat again in a couple of hours. They responded when I needed them to, so what more could I ask?”

David H.
Satisfied Heating and Furnace Repair Customer


“Excellent 5*. Had our furnace cleaned and in top shape for the season. We strongly recommend everyone schedule your inspection and cleaning annually for peak efficiency.”

Julie Anderson
Satisfied Furnace Maintenance Customer


“One of the best/worst experiences when my furnace gave out. Called and talked to someone who cared. Not only were the guys I talked to nice and courteous, they were also very professional. Not to mention their rates really aren’t that bad. I will recommend them to anyone who wants a job done in a timely manner with great professionalism and care.”

Ryan Miller
Satisfied Furnace Installation Customer